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We developed a proprietary online platform to help you create, manage, and achieve more without the hassle of emails.

The New Home For All Your Designs

Everything you need to get your designs made as efficient as possible

Management made simple

You can make a greatest number of design extends as you need and would custom be able to outline and sort out them is the way you need them to resemble. In case you’re finished with sorting out one anticipate you can hop to make another one. Our administrations have no street end. Furthermore, boundless planning successions can make your work faultless and dazzling.

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Organize with Design Profiles

We make it simple for you to sort out a customer’s or image information independently. Essentially make an outline profile for your customers or marks and transfer their entire plan independently in them. You can store their plans, textual styles, logos, hand crafts, colors and so on. Every time need to get to the information of a particular brand you simply need to open their profile and you’re ready.

Communication made simple

Presently you can at long last speak with your designer straightforwardly. No need of composing long emails and sitting tight for the answer. Specifically chat with the architect and offer your requirements. Continuous visit is efficient and more powerful than old email framework.

Revisions For Websites

Super accurate revisions

Guiding the changes has become easy and simple. Now you don’t need to compose long texts clarifying that what transforms you need. Simply point the zone on image that where what want changes and writes a straightforward note. This is how your designer will know where exactly and what changes you require.

Share with your team or customer

Create a shareable link to send to your coworker or client and get their input/feedback on the design.

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Get your team involved

Add your team to Grafix Squad

Invite as many team members as you want to Grafix Squad platform.

Set Permissions

Set specific permissions for each member based on their role.

Assign Projects

You can assign specific projects to specific team members.

Let’s Talk

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Our Core Services

Know About our Company and Environment.

The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners.

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